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“What I aspired to be, and was not, comforts me.” - Robert Browning, Rabbi Ben Ezra

I take solace in Robert Browning’s words because ours was a campaign rooted in aspirations. We aspired to return the Illinois Republican Party to its rightful heritage as a party of important policy ideas that speak to the economic anxieties of Illinois families.

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Proft for Governor Victory Celebration at Ditka's

Please join us for our election night Victory Celebration at Ditka's (100 E. Chestnut, Chicago) as we watch the election results come in.  The doors open at 6:00pm.  We hope to see you there!

Proft for Governor Election Night Victory Celebration
Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
Ditka's Restaurant
100 E. Chestnut, Chicago
Free (Donations will be accepted at the door)

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Illinois Republican Gubernatorial candidate stands up for developmentally disabled

by Jarid Brown, Illinois Statehouse Examiner

Dan Proft, however, stands out from the pack of GOP gubernatorial hopefuls on the issue of budget cuts. Last summer, he stood side-by-side with the developmentally disabled community when Governor Quinn proposed drastic cuts that would eliminate many state services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Although Proft is considered a conservative and is calling for deep budget cuts, he continues to highlight a need for a "smarter" approach to eliminating waste within the state budget.

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OpenlineBlog Endorses Proft for Governor

"Dan Proft has been the most articulate, consistent and passionate candidate about the need for a policy revolution and bold CHANGE to how we do business in Illinois. If you watch the debates, forums and interviews with candidates, many times, it's Dan Proft's ideas that are being referred to or his initiative to take on difficult issues. He understands how the political game is played and knows where the tricks of the political mafia will be used. He can challenge the political mafia, expose their scams and introduce solutions that can change things. As Governor, he would be the most bold CHANGE that Illinois desperately needs."

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American Thinker's Richard Baehr Endorses Dan Proft for Governor

"Governor: Dan Proft. I have met him and he understands how the Illinois process works: who controls the money and how they use it. A real outsider, who might have a decent shot in November in an anti-incumbent year."

Richard Baehr is the chief political correspondent of American Thinker



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American Thinker: Proft Poised to Spring Upset

"Dan Proft, a favorite of conservatives and the Tea Party movement in the state, is one of six serious candidates competing for the GOP nomination for Governor. Recent polls show the candidates tightly bunched with no one getting more than 20% of the vote and a large number of voters undecided. Proft is a refreshing newcomer to politics, and a hardliner on taxes and spending. He has made the extraordinary corruption in Illinois, Cook County, and Chicago politics a key focus of his campaign. This is a potentially winning message in November, given the disgust felt by many Illinois voters. If enough conservatives move to Proft in the next few days, he could spring an upset and become the nominee."

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